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Sony Mobile electronics, The most well-known famous and repute company. In the electronics world which found in October 2001 as a multinational telecommunications company. Because it’s world famous company was first comes to its familiarity by its founder Akio Morita who was a former naval lieutenant and a civil defense contractor name Masaru Ibuka. It’s headquarter is situate in Tokyo, Japan.  Actually it is one of the best electronics company in the world. Therefore the Company is now serving all over the world with its vast and glorious good will.

So it is a subsidiary type telecommunications company that was formerly called Ericsson. Most of all The Company is producing many kinds of electric products like Audio and video products, Televisions, Personal computers,  The Beta-max VCR, CD player, Monitors,  Electronic components, Smartphones, Wearable’s Systems Smart devices. The number of employees of this company is 7,100 plus. The website of this company is

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